Living Word Academy of Worship Arts has been established to reclaim the arts for Christ. Our goal is to raise-up the next generation of people who truly know how to worship God in Sprit and Truth. We seek to train up whole-hearted, fully integrated worshippers who express praise, worship and honor to God through their love of music and the arts. We desire to help young people grow in artistic expression for the glory of God and the good of man.
The Academy of Worship Arts currently offers classes in the areas of voice, instruments, and dance. Our students will study and learn to incorporate a lifestyle of worship as they utilize their particular art with excellence.
Our instructors have years of experience in teaching and mentoring in the areas of singing, music, dance, and worship leading. Our instructors are not only experienced teachers but also are active within their church and community in their areas of expertise.



Our classes will be held once a week on Tuesday’s from 3pm – 7pm. Classes are broken into 30 and 50 minute sessions depending on skill level, need, and or preference. To register for a class with the Academy of Worship Arts, please do one of the following:
  • Register online by selecting the “register online” option below.
  • Stop by the administration building; fill it out application, and return it with payment or make a payment online using option below in registration section.
Office Location: 653 Wetherbee Rd., Orlando, Fl 32824
There is a one-time $25.00 non-refundable application fee.


It is our desire for every one of our students to succeed that is why we require a minimum of a three (3) months commitment to ensure we give ample time for growth. Initial monthly tuition will be due upon registration and on the 1st of the month every month after that. Monthly payment must be made prior to any classes being rendered. In the case of withdrawal, please provide a two-week notice. We allow for one make up class within a 3-month timeframe. Make up classes will be given towards the end of the month on a date determined by the instructor.




  30 Minute Sessions
  1 Session Per Week
  (4)Consecutive Sessions Total
  * Does not include equipment or books



  50 Minute Sessions
  1 Session Per Week
  (4) Consecutive Sessions Total
  * Does not include equipment or books


Iiann Robert
Coach & Director

• Vocal Coach
• Worship Leading
• Stage Presentation

Caleb Figueroa

• Piano
• Bass
• Guitar

Yashira Garcia

• Drums
• Percussion

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The Academy of Worship Arts currently offers classes in the areas of voice & instruments.

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